Training and Placement

Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi, Placement Session 2021-'22

The Department of Chemistry, established in September 1963, is one of the twenty seven Departments/Centers/Schools of IIT Delhi. The Department has  thirty four distinguished faculties trained at renowned Institutes in India and abroad. In addition, the Department is supported by a dedicated team of staff members. One of our key objectives is to create good quality human resource. The Department offers a two years M.Sc programme, a two years M.Tech programme and a Ph.D programme. Doctoral and postdoctoral research are carried out in all major areas of chemistry and allied sciences. The Department is adequately equipped with state-of-art analytical facilities to carry out modern day chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi invites the Industry leaders to participate in Placement 2021-22 to get access to one of the top talent pools in the country. The department offers its students opportunities for intellectual exploration, personal growth, and the acquisition of valuable skills via its masters programmes:

The Department offers two years M.Tech (Molecular engineering), and M.Sc programmes. The Department offers several core (compulsory) courses and many electives. The course materials are so designed such as to facilitate and encourage discussion not only at the fundamental level but to also expose them to new and exciting trends in present day research.

Some of the courses offered are:

Cheminformatics and molecular modeling -Material characterization -Applied spectroscopy -Design and synthesis of organic molecules -Synthesis of industrially important inorganic materials -Chemistry of industrial catalysis -Quantum chemistry -Applied biocatalysis -Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds -Reagents in synthetic transformation -Molecular thermodynamics -Group theory and spectroscopy

Some of the areas of research are:

Organic chemistryAsymmetric Catalysis, C-H and C-F activation, Total Synthesis of small molecules, Catalysis by ionic liquid stabilized transition metal nanoparticles, Natural product synthesis and their biological studies.

Physical ChemistryElectrochemistry, Theoretical and computational chemistry, NMR methodology, Crystal chemistry, crystal engineering and supramolecular chemistry, Synthesis and applications of nanocrystals, Optical spectroscopy, advanced fluorescence techniques, environmentally friendly solvent systems, advanced fluorescence techniques.

Biochemistry and Biophysical - Extremophiles and extremozymes, regulation by small RNAs in Bacteria, Chemical biology of peptides and proteins, Biomolecular modeling and simulation.

Inorganic chemistry - Synthetic main group and organometallic chemistry, Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, Metalorganic frameworks, Inorganic Polymers, Coordination chemistry of silicon, germanium and tin.

Research FundingThe faculty members attract financial support for their research activities from DST, DST-CERI, DST-NRDIO, DST-GITA, NASF, National Science Foundation (U.S.A), RSC (Cambridge, England), CSIR, UGC, Department of Energy (U.S.A), and several companies such as GAIL. 


Faculty coordinators:

Prof. Sayantan Paria (M. Sc. coordinator) 

Prof. Shivajirao L. Gholap (M. Tech. coordinator)


IMS-710, 6thFloor, Main Building Department of Chemistry Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi