Publish Date: June 13, 2024, 6:59 am

Awards, Honors and Fellowships


21. Congratulations to our M. Sc. and M. Tech. students

Industrial training at Apicore Pharma
1. Vijay Merotha 2023CYS7047 (MSc)
2. Raviraj Choudhary 2023CYS7034 (MSc)

Internship at Prosfora

1. Supriya Dwivedi

2. Shivam Panwar

3. Shivam Mishra

4. Preeti


21. Congratulations to Ms. Cini M Suresh (Supervisor: Prof. Pravin P Ingole) for winning the third prize in the New Generation Ideation context 2023.


20. Congratulations to Abhishek (Supervisor: Prof. AJ Elias) and Ipshita (supervisor: Prof. AK Ganguli) for winning 3MT research communications award!



19. Congratulations to Hirah Amir (Supervisor: Prof. Shashank Deep), a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at IIT Delhi, for winning the Best Poster award at BIOPHYSIKA-2024


18. Mr. Soumya Mondal (supervisor: Prof. Tarak Karmakar) has won the best poster award at MD@60 CECAM conference, 26-29 April, 2024 organized by JNCASR & CECAM, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Congratulations!



17. Dr. Chinmoy Hazra was awarded the Merck Young Scientist Award 2023 (Runner-up). The cash prize was one lakh rupees. This award is exceptional because it recognizes early career scientists' breakthrough research in Chemical Science, Sustainability, and Biological Science.




16. Professor Priyanka Verma has received the best oral presentation award at the International Conference on Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2023 (SusChemE2.0) held at ICT Mumbai.


15. Professor Priyanka Verma has received the "75 Women in SHE IS - 75 WOMEN IN CHEMISTRY in partnership with the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India, and Royal Society of Chemistry."


14. Anubha (supervisor: Prof. Biswarup Chakrabarty) received this award "Best symposium B student paper award" from EMRS, Warsaw 2023. Congratulations!



13. Prof. Hemant K Kashyap has been awarded the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam HPC award, 2023 under Young researcher, R & D in HPC application category for his work on 'For understanding of novel liquids such as deep eutectic solvents by employing multiscale molecular dynamics simulations'.


12. Prof. Tarak Karmakar has been selected as an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences, 2023 (link).


11. Congrats to my MSc student, Mr. Sagar Bhowmick (Entry no. 2021CYS7049), for winning the JAGAT RAM CHOPRA award, 2023! This prestigious award recognizes the best M.Sc. project (supervisor: Prof. Chinmoy K. Hazra) demonstrating a process/equipment device/software in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors!



10. Prof. Chinmoy K. Hazra's  angewandte introducing author profile was published. Congratulations Prof. Hazra for your achievement.


9. Prof. Chinmoy hazra has been promoted to Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, IIT Delhi. Recently, he has been invited as a guest editor of Organometallic Chemistry Journal.


8. Ms. Rachna (supervisor: Prof. Sameer Sapra) won the best poster award at NaNaX 10 held in Vienna in July, 2023.


7. Ms. Ruchi Singh, PhD scholar (Supervisor: Prof. Soumik Siddhanta) received the best poster award at IUMRS-International Conference on Advanced Materials and 11th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies held from 26th to 30th June, 2023, in Singapore. 


6. Prof. Priyanka Verma has been awarded the 'Young Researcher Award' from the Plasmon Chemistry Society in Japan during the 3rd Next Generation Plasmon Chemistry Challenge Symposium. (link)


5. Mr. Dhananjay, Ph. D. student (supervisor: Prof. Tarak Karmakar) received “ACS Award for Best Poster ” issued by The Journal of Physical Chemistry-C at the conference "International Conference on Nanomaterials for Electro-Catalysis Technology (I-CONECT)”, held at IIT Delhi (March 20-22, 2023).


4. Ms. Swati Khurana and Ms. Rachna (supervisor: Prof. Sameer Sapra) won the best poster awards at the Perovskite Society of India Meet (PSIM-2023) held at IIT Roorkee from 1-3 March 2023



3. Prof. Tarak Karmakar received the Early Career Researcher Prize from Molecular Physics (Link)



2. Prof. Tarak Karmakar joined Journal of Chemical Information and Modelling (American Chemical Society) as an Early Career Board member from Jan 2023 to Dec 2024.



1. Prof. Chinmoy Kumar Hazra has been selected as one of next year’s Thieme Chemistry Journals Awardees for the year 2023. Prof. Hazra is one of the 86 young investigators around the world selected by the editors of SYNTHESIS, SYNLETT, SYNFACTS, SynOpen and Organic Materials as well as Thieme for significant contributions in the field of Chemistry. Congratulation, Prof. Hazra!




  • Mr. Vishal Jyoti Roy (Ph. D. supervisor: Prof. Sudipta Raha Roy) won the Dr. J. M. Dasgupta Award for Outstanding Oral presentation (Young Scientist category) at the 59th Annual Convention of Chemists 2022 (ACC-2022) & International Conference on Recent Trends in Chemical Science 2022 (RTCS-2022).
  • Ms. Vishali Pathania (Ph. D. supervisor: Prof. Sudipta Raha Roy) won the Best Poster Awards at the (i) 2nd National Conference on Contemporary Facets in Organic Synthesis 2022 (CFOS-2022) and (ii) 59th Annual Convention of Chemists 2022 (ACC-2022) & International Conference on Recent Trends in Chemical Science 2022 (RTCS-2022).
  • Ms. Rina Mahato (Ph. D. supervisor: Prof. Chinmoy K. Hazra) won the best poster prize at the _59th Annual Convention of Chemists 2022_ (ACC-2022) & International Conference on Recent Trends in Chemical Science 2022 (RTCS-2022).


  • Ms. Aparna Tyagi (Ph. D. supervisor: Prof. Chinmoy K. Hazra) won the best poster prize at the _59th Annual Convention of Chemists 2022_
    (ACC-2022) & International Conference on Recent Trends in Chemical Science 2022 (RTCS-2022).


  • Mr. Jabir Khan (Ph. D. supervisor: Prof. Chinmoy K. Hazra) won the award in memory of Chittaranjan Roy Chowdhury & Manju Roy Chowdhury
    Sponsored by Dr. Samar Chowdhury for poster presentation at the _59th Annual Convention of Chemists 2022_ (ACC-2022) & International
    Conference on Recent Trends in Chemical Science 2022 (RTCS-2022).


  • Ms. Anubha Rajput (Ph. D. supervisor: Prof. Biswarup Chakrabarty) won the best poster prize at the International Conference on Major Trends in Inorganic Chemistry (MTIC), 2022


  • Ms. Manisha (Ph. D. supervisor: Prof. Ashok K Ganguli) received the best poster award at the materials chemistry mtg at BARC, 2022


  • Vaishali Tanwar (2019CYZ8147, PhD supervisor: Prof. Pravin P. Ingole) wins the Best Poster Presentation award at the International Conference on Advances in Catalysis for Energy and Environment held at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai between 31st Oct- 4th Nov 2022. The title of her poster was "1-D Electrospun Hierarchical SnOx/WO3 Nanocomposite Fibers for Energy Storage". Congratulations, Vaishali


  • Prof. Subrata Kundu and Prof. Janakiram Vaitla received the Excellence in Teaching Awards presented by IIT Delhi for the year 2021-'22. Congratulations, Prof. Kundu and Prof. Vaitla!


  • Simarjeet Kaur received the best poster award out of 324 poster presentations in the 29th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry organised by IISER Mohali from July 7th to July 9th, 2022. Simarjeet Kaur is doing her PhD under Prof. Sayantan Paria. Congratulations, Simarjeet!


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