Ajai K Singh

Ajai K Singh

Professor (Emeritus)

Born: Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
Ph. D. (Prof. R. P. Singh), University of Delhi, 1977
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 1982-present
Research Associate (Prof. W. R. McWhinnie’s group), University of Aston, Birmingham, U. K.
Coordinator, "Modern Trends in Inorganic Chemistry XI", December 2005
Visiting Professor at Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea, Oct. 2007.
Professor (HAG): 2009
Head, Department of Chemistry, 2009-2012
Honorary member (external) of Science Faculty, University of Delhi (2002-2005; 2008-2011).
Co-Chair, 3rd Asian conference on Coordination Chemistry, Oct 2011
President Inorganic Section, Indian Council of Chemists 2011
Member Senate IIT Indore; 2011
Associate Editor, RSC Advances 2015
Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)

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Research Interests

Broadly research interest is "Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry” with focus on Catalyst Designing Particularly using Organochalcogen Ligands for coupling Reactions, Oxidation and Transfer Hydrogenation etc; Metal Chalcogenide Nano-particles: Single source precursors, Catalytic Applications.

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Graphene oxide based catalyst

Selected Publications

  1. R. Bhaskar, A. K. Sharma and A. K. Singh, Palladium(II) Complexes of N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Amidates Derived from Chalcogenated Acetamide-Functionalized 1H-Benzimidazolium Salts: Recyclable Catalyst for Regioselective Arylation of Imidazoles in Aerobic Condition, Organometallics, 2018, 37 10.1021/acs.organomet.8b00246.
  2. S. Gupta, N. Chandna, P. Dubey, A. K Singh, N. Jain, GO-Cu7S4 catalyzed ortho-aminomethylation of phenol derivatives with N,N-dimethylbenzylamines: site-selective oxidative CDC, Chem. Commun., 2018, 54, 7511.
  3. V. V. Singh and A. K. Singh, Nanoflowers of Cu1.8S: Free and Decorated on Graphene Oxide (GO-Cu1.8S) as Efficient and Recyclable Catalysts for C-O Coupling, ACS Appl. Nano Mater., 2018, 1, 2164.
  4. P. Dubey, S. Gupta, and A. K. Singh, Base free N-alkylation of anilines with ArCH2OH and transfer hydrogenation of aldehydes/ketones catalyzed with complexes of ?5-Cp*Ir(III) with chalcogenated Schiff bases of anthracene-9-carbaldehyde, Dalton Trans., 2018, 47, 3764.
  5. M. P. Singh, F. Saleem, G. K. Rao, S. Kumar, H. Joshi and A. K Singh, Palladacycles of unsymmetrical (N,C‾,E) (E = S/Se) pincers based on indole: their synthesis, structure and applications in the catalysis of Heck coupling and allylation of aldehydes, Dalton Trans., 2016, 45, 6718.
  6. O. Prakash, H. Joshi, U. Kumar, A. K. Sharma and A. K. Singh,Acridine based (S,N,S) pincer ligand: designing of silver(I) complexes for efficient activation of A3(aldehyde, alkyne and amine) coupling, Dalton Trans., 2015, 44, 1962.


      Group Members

  • Dr. Poornima Singh (Scientist)
  • Pooja Dubey (Ph.D.)
  • Renu Bhaskar (Ph.D.)
  • Sonu Gupta (Ph.D.)