Tanmay Dutta

Tanmay Dutta

Assistant Professor

Born: 1979, Kashipur, Digha, West Bengal
Ph. D. (Dr. Sanjay Ghosh) Calcutta University, 2008
Postdoctoral Associate (Prof. Murray P. Deutscher) University of Miami School of Medicine, FL, USA, Nov 07- Oct 12
Senior Research Associate (Prof. Murray P. Deutscher) University of Miami School of Medicine, FL, USA, Nov 12-July 14
Assistant Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Aug 14 - Feb 2021
Associate Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Feb 21 - Present

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Research Interests


Our lab aims to understand how small noncoding RNAs control gene expression in bacteria. The discovery and characterization of small regulatory RNAs (sRNAs) in bacteria has exploded in recent years. These sRNAs act either by modulating protein activity or by base pairing with target mRNAs with which they share limited or extended complementarity. Mechanistic insights into how sRNAs bind mRNAs and proteins, how they compete with each other and how they function to regulate different physiological processes are active areas of our research. Ribonucleases also play an essential regulatory role for the expression of these sRNAs. Three different model bacteria were utilized - Escherichia coli, Mycobacterium sp. and Deinococcus radiodurans.


Effluents from dyeing industries are toxic to animals and plants since many dyes are synthesized from familiar carcinogenic compounds. Textile industry is the leading among all dyeing industries in discharging synthetic, recalcitrant, and reactive dyestuffs, and various health-hazardous bleaching chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, potassium permanganate etc. to the waste water, which are highly detrimental to environmental ecosystem. Dye degradation and decolourization by microorganisms or their enzymes have emerged as a better eco-friendly sustainable process over other physicochemical methods. In the current study, we isolated a high molecular weight (88 kDa) extremophilic laccase (LacT) from Brevibacillus agri, with the aim to exploit its extreme characters in denim bleaching and dye decolourization at industrial conditions and to minimize the release of pernicious chemicals into the environment.

    Selected Publications

  1. Varsha Panwar, Javed Seikh, Tanmay Dutta* (2020) Sustainable denim-bleaching by a novel thermostable bacterial laccase. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 192(4), 1238-1254.
  2. Amit K. Gupta, Namra Siddiqui, and Tanmay Dutta* (2020) A novel mechanism of RyeA/SraC induction under acid stress. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 525, 298-302.
  3. Amit K. Gupta, Namra Siddiqui, Divya Yadav, Laxmi Arora and Tanmay Dutta* (2019) Regulation of RyeA/SraC expression in Escherichia coli. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 516, 661-665.
  4. Varsha Panwar and Tanmay Dutta* (2019) Diatom biogenic silica as a felicitous platform for biochemical engineering: Expanding frontiers. ACS Appl. Bio. Mater. 2, 2295-2316.

      Group Members

    Ph.D. Students
  • Dr. Saumya Singh (Post Doc)
  • Varsha Panwar
  • Namra Siddiqui
  • Palak Middha
  • Shiv Narayan Rai
  • Krishan Kumar
  • Bipasa Sey
  • Ashama Begum
  • Stanzin Lzaod
  • Anam Ibrahim
  • Pratyusha Thakur
  • Nitin Kumar