Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Phenomena in Protein Folding

Dr. Arieh Ben-Naim

Date: January 19th 2018 (Friday)
Time: 2:45 PM
Venue: Committee Room, Chemistry Department, 6th Floor

An analysis of all the solvent induced contributions to the thermodynamic driving forced for protein folding and protein-protein association reveals that, contrary to the commonly accepted paradigm, Hydrophilic interactions might be more important than hydrophobic interactions. For over fifty years the hydrophobic effects were believed to be the dominating factors in biochemical processes. Twenty years ago, after critically examining the data on the various contributions to the driving forces for protein folding, and protein-protein association, I reached the conclusion that the Hydrophilic interactions, rather hydrophobic interactions are the more important in biochemical processes. Examples on the role of Hydrophilic interactions on solubility of proteins, protein folding, protein-protein association and molecular recognition will be presented.

  1. Arieh Ben-Naim , Molecular Theory of Solutions, Oxford University Press (2006)
  2. Arieh Ben-Naim, Molecular theory of water and aqueous solutions, Part I and II. World Scientific (2009,2011)

All are cordially invited to attend.
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