Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Architectures of colloidal quantum dots for (opto-)electronic applications

Dr. Nikolai Gaponik
Physical Chemistry, TU Dresden, 01062 Dresden, GERMANY. e-mail:

Date: March 15th 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: Committee Room, Chemistry Department, 6th Floor

This presentation will provide an overview of recent activities in the field of surface design of colloidal quantum dots (QDs). Among others, the introduction of short inorganic ligands (e.g. halides and metal halide complexes) assures efficient interparticle coupling and is very promising for printable electronics. The recent advances and challenges in the hierarchical assembling (gelation) and encapsulation of the quantum dots in inorganic matrices will be overviewed. Strong fluorescence of the QDs as well as all-inorganic QDs and their superstructures will be in focus of this presentation. Application potential of such kind of nanostructures for sensors, detectors, field effect transistors and solid state lighting will be discussed.

All are cordially invited to attend.
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