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Sameer SAPRA

Department of Chemistry
Multi-storey building
5th Floor
IIT Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016
Tel: +91 11 2659 1561
Fax: +91 11 2658 1102


Department of Chemistry
Multi-storey building
5th Floor
IIT Delhi
Tel: +91 11 2659 6505/7348
Fax: +91 11 2658 1102


Born: Oct 1974, New Delhi
Ph.D. (Prof. D. D. Sarma), IISc Bangalore, 2004
Post Doctoral Fellow: LMU Munich, Prof. Andrey Rogach, May 05 - Apr 06
Post Doctoral Fellow: TU Dresden, Prof. Dr. Alexander Eychmueller, May 06 - Jan 08
Assistant Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Jan 08 Jun 08
Assistant Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Jul 08-Dec 12.
Associate Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Dec 12-present.

E-mail: sapra

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Research Interests

Our research focuses on the synthesis and applications of nanocrystals: in particular semiconductor nanocrystals or quantum dots. The interest in nanocrystals stems from the fact that these tiny fragments of matter exhibit properties dependent on the size of the crystals. Semiconductors offer the possibility of obtaining fluorescence owing to excitation decay across the band gap. The band gap of a semiconductor, and therefore the energy of emission, can be tuned by changing the size of the nanocrystals in accordance with the quantum confinement effects. Our group concentrates mainly on the group II-VI chalcogenides, namely that of cadmium and zinc for the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, group IV-VI semiconductors such as PbS and PbSe for the infra-red region. Apart from utilizing the emissive properties of these materials in light emitting devices (LEDs), the group is actively involved in researching new materials exhibiting bright luminescence; the ultimate aim being applications in LEDs, photovoltaics and biological tagging applications. The group is also working on developing less toxic materials as an alternative to cadmium chalcogenides. Here we mainly focus on doped oxide systems. Doping also opens the door to magnetism; another area of interest to the group. We use iron oxide nanocrystals for medical diagnostics and treatment. The excitement of creating and studying new materials drives the group.

Selected Publications

1. U. Soni, A. Pal, S. Singh, M. Mittal, S. Yadav, R. Elangovan, S. Sapra, Simultaneous Type-I/Type-II Emission from CdSe/CdS/ZnSe Nano-Heterostructures, ACS Nano (2013).
2. A. Pal, S. Srivastava, R. Gupta, S. Sapra, Electron transfer from CdSe/ZnS core shell quantum dots to Cobalt(III) complexes, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 15, 15888 (2013).
3. U. Soni, V. Arora, S. Sapra, Wurtzite or Zinc Blende? Surface decides the crystal structure of nanocrystals, CrystEngComm 15, 5458 (2013).
4. U.Soni, S. Sapra The importance of surface in the core-shell semiconductor nanocrystals J. Phys. Chem. C 114, 22514 (2010).

Group Members

Dr. Puspanjali Tripathy

Ph. D. students
Vikas Arora (M. Phil., Vinayaka Mission University)
Udit Soni (M. Sc. Rajasthan University)
Anuushka Pal (M. Sc. Delhi University)
Aditya Sharma (M. Sc. Delhi University)
Sushma Yadav (M. Sc. IIT Delhi)
Mona Mittal (M. Sc. IIT Delhi)
Mamata Yadav (M. Sc. IIT Delhi)

M. Sc. students
Khushboo Yadav
Apurba Chowdhury
Vivek Kumar


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Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi