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Sunil Kumar KHARE

Department of Chemistry
Multi-storey building
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IIT Delhi
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Department of Chemistry
Multi-storey building
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IIT Delhi
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Masters in Biochemistry (1983), Ph.D. IIT Delhi (1989), United Nation University Fellow (1996-1997), at National Food Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan. (1996-97), DBT Visiting Assoc, University of Western Illinois/NRRL, USA, 2006, Visiting faculty, University of Blaise Pascal, France, 2014.

Sr. Scientist of Biochemistry, ICAR, New Delhi.(1989-2000) Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, 2000-present.

Fellow, International Forum on Industrial Bioprocesses, France, 2013. Fellow of Biotech Research Society of India, 2012. United Nations- Kirin Fellow, 1996-97. United Nations Amway award, 1998. Member, National Academy of Science, India. Honorary member, International Bio-encapsulation Research Group, France. Member, International Society on Extremophiles, Germany. Life Member: Society of Biological Chemists, India

E-mail: skkhare

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Research Interests

Extremophiles and extremozymes
Extremophiles are micro-organisms that inhabit some of earth's most hostile environments. To thrive in such environmental extremes, these organisms require cellular components and enzymes that are naturally resistant to, and functional in, conditions that were once thought incompatible with life. Our research aims to understand the structural basis of extremophile enzyme stability and catalytic properties. The programme involves the isolation, from environmental samples, of novel extremophilic micro-organisms and study their unusual metabolic features and unique biocatalysis. The experimental approaches include microbial screening, and molecular enzymology and proteomics.

Selected Publications

1. Rajeshwari Sinha and S.K. Khare, “Effect of organic solvents on structure and activity of moderately halophilic Bacillus sp. EMB9 protease”. Extremophile, 18 (6):1057-1066.

2. R. Hemamalini and S.K. Khare, “A proteomic approach to understand the role of the outer membrane porins in the organic solvent-tolerance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PseA”. PLOS ONE 9 (8): e103788.

3. Arvind Sinha, Amit Singh, Sumit Kumar, S.K. Khare and A. Ramanan, “Microbial mineralization of struvite: A promising process to overcome phosphate sequestering crisis”. Water Research, 54:33-43.

4. Sumit Kumar and S.K. Khare (2012) Purification and characterization of maltooligosaccharide-forming alpha-amylase from moderately halophilic Marinobacter sp. EMB8. Bioresource Technology 116:247-251.

Group Members

Dr. Kumar Pranaw (R.A)
Rajeshwari Sinha (Ph.D)
R. Hemamalini (Ph.D)
Ayesha Sadaf (Ph.D)
Jasneet Grewal (Ph.D)
Shubhrima Ghosh (Ph.D)
Neerja Yadav (M.Tech.)
Shamashree Ghosh (M.Sc.)
Radhika Gupta (M.Sc.)

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Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi