The Department of Chemistry, established in September, 1963, is one of the twenty three Departments/Centers of IIT Delhi. The Department offers core courses in chemistry for undergraduate B.Tech. students of Engineering in the Institute. more

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In a collaborative effort from the Chemistry and Chemical Engg. departments at IIT Delhi, Jagtap et al. demonstrated alexidine as a lead molecule for LPS binding, main causative agent of sepsis, using spectroscopic and in silico approaches. More Research

News and Announcements
  • Congratulations to the students of Prof. S. Nagendran for winning the best poster award at the international symposium (Main group molecules to materials) held at IISc.
  • Congratulations to Prof. A. J. Elias for the release of a new textbook entitled 'The chemistry of the p-block elements, Syntheses, reactions and applications'.
  • The department welcomes Prof. Ram Ramaswamy as a Visiting Professor in the department.
  • Welcome Dr. Sudipta Raha Roy. Dr. Roy research work focuses on organometallics and catalyst synthesis.
  • Congratulations to Ms. Manisha Jadon, Ms. Bharti Singh and Mr. Shailabh Tewari, Ph.D. students of Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi (research group of Prof. A. Ramanan) for winning poster prizes at the '2nd Southeast Asian Conference on Crystal Engineering' held at Sunway University, Malaysia. Pic
  • Congratulations to Prof. A. K. Ganguli on being awarded the CRSI Silver medal for 2018.
  • Congratulations to Prof. B. Jayaram on being recognized as the top 5 scientists in the field of Bioinformatics.
  • Congratulations to Prof. Anil J. Elias on becoming HAG Professor.
  • Congratulations to Prof. Nidhi Jain on being awarded the DK Banerjee Memorial Award for the year 2017.
  • Prof. Arieh Ben-Naim is visiting our department till 30th January. He will be delivering a series of lectures starting from 12/01/2018 on entropy based on information theory. He is also scheduled to give three more lectures, one each on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, at 5:30 pm in the committee room of chemistry department.
  • Congratulations to Mr. M. Deb and Mr. S. Hazra, Ph.D. students of Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi (research group of Prof. A. J. Elias) for bagging two of the four ACS sponsored best poster awards at the recently concluded National Symposium of Modern Trends in Inorganic Chemistry (MTIC XVII) held at NCL Pune and IISER Pune. Pic
  • Welcome Dr. Sayantan Paria. His research work focuses on bioinspired inorganic chemistry.
  • Welcome Dr. Kuntal Manna. His research work focuses on homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.

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